Atizana Kominote Matènwa // Matènwa, Lagonav, Haiti

Our mission is to maintain a sustainable artisan community, in the remote village of Matènwa, Haiti, that serves international and local markets. Atizana Kominote Matènwa is a collaboration between Matènwa’s artisans, Matènwa Community Learning Center, and 

“With our collaboration with Sasa Designs we are learning and using new techniques that we never thought possible with silk.  We hope the customers enjoy wearing the scarves as much as we have enjoyed painting them!”

FREE  // Ng’ombe Compound, Lusaka, Zambia

FREE Woman is a project generating income for women through copper jewelry-making. Their goal is to add value to Zambia’s copper through manufacturing. Too often African nations are stripped of their natural resources with no value addition taking place before export. The result is that the country gets little benefit from its natural resources.

Far Fetched // Taxco, Mexico

We work intimately with over 45 independent artisan workshops, ranging in size from 1 to 8 people, to produce our jewelry. Some of the artisans have been with Far Fetched for over 20 years, and we’re committed to their livelihood and preserving the tradition of silversmithing for their children.

Shanzu Transitional Workshop // Mombasa, Kenya

Shanzu Transitional Workshop serves as a catalyst for disabled women in Mombasa, Kenya to generate income and become self-reliant.  No matter what the disability, the young women discover their potential as they learn new skills and understand that disability does not mean inability.

“These women are an inspiration to girls facing disabilities around the world - they are making it!”

Sikia Designs by the Deaf // Rongai, Kenya

Sasa Designs’ hallmark project, the Sikia beaders are a group of strong and proud deaf women. Long taught to be ashamed of their “disability,” they have now been crafting intricate jewelry for nearly five years. With many single moms in the group, the next
generation is going to soar thanks to consistent wages, access to healthcare and healthy food.

“Now my family sees I am able, even though I am deaf.”

Wildlife Works // Rukinga, Kenya

The most comprehensive community and environmental conservation projects we know, Wildlife Works is having a global impact via an innovative model of carbon credit offsetting and forest preservation. Partnering with the local community, including disabled artisans, Wildlife Works products ensure community engagement in their broad mission to preserve the world’s forests.

“Save Forests + Start Offsetting + Shop Community”