Are you ready to breathe in some good?

We'd like to make a few suggestions for looking great in your strongest warrior pose starting with our new Shanzu Yoga Bag

A few blocks from the calm Kenyan coastline, an airy workshop is filled with a variety of physically and mentally challenged women - all of whom now have a future to look forward to. Shanzu Project trains these women to sew, utilizing Kenya's traditional Kikoy cloth to make exceptionally useful and charming products.

 We're loving these other great brands that share our ideals.



Honoring the tenets of Yoga, YOGASMOGA aspires to create world-class products and shares our values of social responsibility, collaboration and a need for fair wages. Products are made in the USA, but YOGASMOGA recognizes textile production is typically done in the most challenged economic locations in the world. NAMASKÁR FOUNDATION has been created to give back.

The Namaskár Foundation seeks to provide micro loans to individuals in developing economies who have no access to banks. These micro loans provide an opportunity to individuals to jump-start small cottage industries that over time generate income. Read more here...



Four California girls, mentored by one empowered and mindful mama make up the creators of Mindful Mats. Mom, Janet Roberts, is a career abstract painter. Her beautiful images are now being turned into a meditation, prayer and yoga mats.

The mats are made from recyclable material, free of PVC, plastics and fumes. Each mat is 1/4" deep, 24" x 72" and made in California.

Check out Mindful Mats here...

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