Season of Dreams

When something good happens, the deaf raise their hands and shake them in joy. It's an open and shared gesture that captures gratitude as hands reach high and a person's whole body engages. On our last trip to Kenya, there was much cause for celebration and sharing this practice of gratitude. Our deaf partners in Kenya have just moved into a new house with the support of Greater Good Wholesale, providing space and room to expand not just their production, but their dreams. And dream, they do.

As we explored the house and walked through each room discussing how they would use it and ideas for improvement, the ideas spilled forth. 
"Here we could have a garden and grow Spinach"
"Here we can store our finished products"
"Here we can welcome visitors"
With every corner we turned the hands went up, celebrating the fruits of their labor, and the opportunity to keep working. 
All of this, is because of you.
As the years pass it can be hard to find new ways to share why shopping responsibly is important. There aren't always words that do justice to the value of a full day's work in a safe, comfortable and empowering environment. But you must know that every dollar you spend with us, every order you place, and every piece that you wear adds more space in which our artisans can develop their dreams.

These are the dreams of the mothers who make our jewelry. We celebrate them, and they celebrate their children's future. Is there gratitude enough to share what this means? Truthfully, there is not. But this holiday season, we send you our heartfelt Asante Sana with our hands raised high over our heads in celebration of you, your patience, your encouragement and your willingness to spend your money in ways that build others up. 
From all of us at Sasa Designs, thank you.



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